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PPC Ads / Paid Advertisement Service

search ads


Internet users search millions of queries on the search engine like Google, and the search engine shows related Ads and organic results for those queries. We create and run SEARCH ADS for your business or company


display ads


People visit websites for their work or learn something. Usually, they find related ads in different formats like Image Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Video Ads etc on those websites. We create and optimize all these different ad copies for your business/company


Youtube is the most favorite platform for all video lover audience. Youtube shows the ads between videos and people use to engage with quality ads. We build a video campaign for your business to give your company high engagement and sales

gmail ads


Nowadays almost everyone uses Gmail. On top of the email list, we find ads as an email format. Which is call Gmail Display Ads. These ads are powerful for conversion. We help to run the GMAIL AD CAMPAIGN for your firm/business


product ads


When a customer searches about any product on Google, it shows product ads with product Image on top of the SERP or on the side of search results. If you are a product based company or eCommerce, We run successful ad campaigns for your products



When anyone searches on Google or on any search engine for any product or service, they find that product or services follows them everywhere and showing ads about that product/service. That ads are Remarketing / Retargeting Ads. We create these campaigns for your product or services

Benefits Of PPC / Paid Ads​

PPC  Ads provides an instant ranking on search engines without spending much time. You can select your business related keywords and rank on that keywords immediately on the first page of Google or any search engines

Your website traffic numbers can drastically increase. Which can fulfill your expected goal about your business

Using Paid Ads, your business get more impressions on the search engine and display networks where more people get to know about your business and that increase your brand awareness

In PPC marketing your people get more engaged with your ads. It gives a better path to convert your visitors into your customers

If you are selling something, your product or service could be sold by this online advertising feature. You don’t have to wait long to launch and rank your product or service on the search engine. Just run your PPC advertisement and increase your sales

A beautiful and attractive “ad” can influence your customer to click on it. More your advertise get clicks and more you will get lead Which is actually quality leads

This is an interesting feature of PPC. You can decide to whom you want to show your ads, in which are your ads should be run, your audience demographic and many things you can select to reach to your exact targeted audience

In PPC Ads, everything is trackable and measurable. With this great feature you can see how is your ads running, how many people are watching your ads, also you can measure clicks, engagement, and conversion which helps to utilize your budget profitably

Strategy We Use for PPC Campaign

Goal Set​

Running Ad campaigns without choosing a proper GOAL can give a total loss to any campaign. We build a strategy to define your exact Goal to run paid ads and give you the best results out of it

Keywords Optimization​

After Keyword selection, we optimize that keyword in your AD COPIES and remove negative keywords which help to rank your ad seamlessly​

Targeting Your Customers

After analyzing your business/company, we understand your customer's type and their behavior on the internet. According to that analysis, we target your potential customers to show them your ads

Landing Page Optimization

When people click on the Ad, they reach to a Landing Page and then conversion happens or visitor turns back to their search result page to find another option. Here the value of Landing page become important. We optimize your Landing Page to give you unbeatable results

Conversion Tracking​

When your Ads are running, you get clicks and conversion. Here the very important step is to track all your data while running the Ad campaign.  It shows how many conversions happen through your running Ad. We track that data to improve your Ad quality and give you the best conversion results

Keyword Research​

Keyword Research becomes very strategic when it comes on PPC or Paid Ads. We research thousands of queries, and keywords to filter quality keywords for your ad campaign. ​

Ad Copies Creation​

Creating attractive Ads in different formats is an art. People find your ads and click on it is all depends on how your ads are written and created. We create beautiful Ad Copies for your business​

Quality Score Management​

How much you have to charge for a single click that decides your ad's quality score. If your quality score is high then you are going to pay less and rank high. We manage your quality score to run your ads successful​

Lead Nurturing Campaigns​

Nurture your leads can give you lots of business and long term benefits to your company/firm. We plan strategies to run Lead Nurturing Campaigns suitable and profitable for your business


Reports of your Ad campaigns can give you the exact idea about how your Ads are performing on all the Ad networks. On this stage, we provide you details of your Ad performance. ​